Driver Experiences

For the ultimate VIP bragging rights, put your best customers, partners or employees behind the wheel of a professional race car for an experience they will never forget. Whereas tickets to the ball game or steak dinners have become commonplace sales tactics to build relationships, they are simply not special enough for most executive decision makers.


That’s why we help brands create truly memorable experiences for sales incentives, customer recognition, vendor awards, employee rewards, and more. From professional race tracks to the corporate HQ parking lot of your best customer, we can “take the show on the road” to bring the motorsport driving experience to virtually any local market.

This includes:

  • On-site corporate autocross competitions (“Top Gear” style driver competition)
  • Race track hot lap rides 
  • Race track driving experiences


We can also pair the in-car driving experience with a wide range of additional options including: race simulator competitions (race against the pro), team meet & greet, Tech talks, and giveaways — including VIP experiences at races.